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Jesus called us to increase the Kingdom of God. But you don't build a kingdom by staying confined in the four walls of a church. You do it by getting connected. By taking action. By getting involved. Want to know more?


With You

We are called to love God and to love people, and here at To God Be The Glory, we love what we do: Helping others help themselves. But that starts with sharing your heart. So here's ours..

About Our Church


It's easy to miss out on the good things in life. But there's hope! There's always something good happening at To God Be The Glory. Don't miss an opportunity to find what you've been searching for. Get involved.

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We Are To God Be The Glory

Welcome and God Bless You. To God Be the Glory is a local ministry saving the lost, restoring the family, empowering the young and protecting the aged with our many dedicated followers. We are a non-denominational, culturally diverse ministry with open doors to all. Please stop by and spend a Sunday morning with us. Please see the contact page for our address and current location. You can also visit us on Facebook for spiritual food, conversation and guidance.